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Welcome to Piller TSC Blower Corp


Piller TSC Blower Corp is a subsidiary of Piller Blowers & Compressors GmbH, Germany, established in 2008. Piller TSC is acting as the sales and service center for Piller Blowers & Compressors GmbH. We are also refurbishing, repairing and servicing turbo compressors of all kinds.

With over 20 years of experience in the compressor business by the former TSC company and more than a century of experience in fan business by Piller. the combination of both makes Piller TSC the first address in designing, serving and repairing rotating equipment.

Piller TSC recently developed and built a 2 stage compressor for CO2 recovery in a power plant. The unit will operate in a pilot plant in Wales.



Design data:
                                          Stage 1                                 Stage 2
Gas                                       Steam, CO2                              Steam, CO2  
MW                                        18.79                                   18.79
Inlet Temp deg C/(deg F)                  101/(213.8)                             154.0/(309.2)
Inlet Press bar(a)/(psia)                 1.00/(14.504)                           1.49/(21.6)  
Discharge Press bar(a)/(psia)             1.50/(21.76)                            2.03/(29.44)
Discharge Temp deg C/(deg F)              151.7/(309.2)                           199.6/(391.3)  
Mass Flow  kg/hr/(lb/hr)                  1159.2/(2555.6)                         1159.2/(2555.6)  
Inlet Flow m^3/hr(acfm)                   1891.3/(1113.2)                         1439.9/(847.5)
Drive Speed  (rpm)                        5333                                    5333
Compressor Speed  (rpm)                   42000                                   42000
Efficiency (%)                            75                                      75
Shaft power  kw/(hp)                      55.9/(75.1)                             52.3/(70.1) 

Piller has also developed a cutting edge high speed blower with magnetic bearings, the PillAerator, which is used for aeration in waste water treatment plants. the first unit in the U.S. recently started up in Nashua, NH. The PillAerator is a self containing unit with all necessary accessories already installed in the enclosure,which makes it literally a plug and play unit. Find more about the PillAerator in Piller Products/PillAerator.

If you want to find out more about Piller Piller Blowers & Compressors GmbH and its products, just click here www.piller.de!