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Inlet Guide Vane

Inlet guide vanes provide an efficient method of turndown for centrifugal compressors. Energy savings can be realized compared to inlet throttling by butterfly valves. An inlet butterfly valve achieves turndown through an inlet pressure drop. Guide vanes not only provide the inlet pressure drop but also impart a whirl motion to the gas as it enters the compressor impeller. Since this whirl motion is in the rotational direction of the impeller, it reduces the amount of work the impeller is required to do on the gas. It is this whirl motion that results in energy savings at the design conditions.

     » Each vane is independently supported by a permanently
        lubricated bushing for long manitenance-freelife.

     » Vane movement is accomplished through actuation of a
        common yoke. This yoke is supported by long life cam
        roller bearings for added reliability.

     » Vanes are designed so that they tend to open on loss of air.
        This will keep compressor from entering surge on loss of air.

     » TSC will design the inlet flange to be compatible with any
        compressor manufacturers inlet flange.

     » Compact design requries minimum inlet piping modifications.

     » External vane position indicator allows operator to check
        position easily.

     » Inlet guide vane assemblies above 14 inch diameter utilize 11-vane design to minimize
        "dead spots". Below 14 inch diameter, a 7-vane design is used.